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Decorating your home with a rug makes it livelier and inviting. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the correct rug in order to decorate your home. The patterns and colors play an essential role but also important is the size and the material. Your personal choice has a lot to add… Read Article →

Environmentally Friendly Roof Philosophy Green roof is probably not an unfamiliar term nowadays, due to the ever raising ecological awareness and the need to help the environment in any way we can. Beside these motives, there are also some individual and practical ones that may persuade you that an eco-roof is just the thing you… Read Article →

It’s spring and even though it’s snowing up north, the southern states have been warming up for weeks. With the continuing 80 degree days, you are longing to get back into your pool. However, having gone unused for the last few months, the pool needs to be cleaned in order to prepare it for the… Read Article →

Decking in general means outdoor flooring to add more space and character to a house. Outdoor living is becoming a popular trend and lifestyle in the housing market and every house owner is beginning to add this feature to their homes in the form of patios to functional entertaining areas complete with barbecue, dining and… Read Article →

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